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     The C'VION Company offers in home Consultation that we call "Home or Project Review".  These consultation are charged for hourly, with a 1 hour minimum on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  (If these days do not work for you please send an email request with the day and time that you have in mind. )   

     During your Home/Project Review we sit down with you to go over your project, room by room and discuss your ideas and possibilities.  We can talk about color options, furniture placements, remodeling, estimation, budgets, themes, Pinterest boards, and we may also change some things around for you on the spot so you can get an idea.
    Once we have finished discussing the project, we will also discuss how our services are billed and how we work.  (Please view the drop down menu under SERVICES that indicates DESIGN PROCESS for a glimpse of this.)

     Please note: We record our meetings so that if we need to refer back to them later when generating your Engagement Contract, we can.  

We are looking forward to doing business with you ....

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