There are times when our client needs to see the idea on paper..  We do this in the form of renderings.  We offer 1D (dimentional) and 2D (dimentional) renderings at our hourly rate.  In our experience, we have learned that the majority of our client gravitate towards these type of renderings most. We also offer 3D renderings upon request and they are billed at a different rate based on the rooms needed. 

2D Rendering

1D Rendering

1D Renderings
In our 1D renderings you will see a format like the photo above showing layout and placement.  This is also how our space plan renderings are created.  It give an overview of the flow of design within your home.

2D Renderings
     In our 2D renderings you will see a format like the photo shown above.  Their purpose is to show an elevation rendering where the client needs to see a little more, especially when we are doing custom things in the room.